She had kisses with a beautiful stain like sweet mangoes

Of a penetrating tang that lingered a while on my tongue

And ruined anything after her.

Because everything fell short in comparison.

Even tasteless water felt sour.

Grappled in the soft lips of my beloved girlfriend

I still couldn’t stop thinking of her.



The Truth behind Art

they say being an artist requires you to draw from your emotions

But what they dont tell you is that the sip of that cup is drawn from the sea

The more you do it, the greater your thirst becomes

But it cant be healthy drawing from an adverse one

If you are depressed! know how it goes


 Life is a journey celebrated in tears upon completion

Weird dark love to forget the wonderful achievement on a celebration

Clouded by selfish cries of how they’re going to get by without you when the ceremony is not about them.

“We’re going to miss you,” they say and add on,” no one like you”.

But the actions saying, “wonderful Papi, we have the deepest affection for you that overwhelms any logical instinct to celebrate”.

“We do in heart”.


Life is journey with one destination. Those who realize it ease the pedal and savor every moment.

We all rush in paradox to a month end and then squeak, “Dear Reaper: Dad isn’t home, the rent due, can we postpone to next week?”

In full length he completed a hollow life craving immortality for a name remembered by strangers but meaningless to his close ones.

They said success is the greatest thing.

In half-revelation to a wise ass about the inevitable death trap looming on the windshield, he tried to press pause and counted his losses in pipe and pussy.

Another realized life is a rigged game of a forever climbing journey. Only joy is whatever relative level you get to reach.

But sooner or later the power is going to run out before the satisfaction of game completion.

Some realized and decided not to play. On a noose they hung from a chandelier

Life is an infinite game and life is an infinite journey.

The only meaningful use is one of vast quality well savored with loved ones.

Get your Goal

Growing is a steep slope but you rise one meter every three steps.

Progress is paid for in seemingly unending sweat and pain but you get to be better with every tick of the clock

It’s not the infinite climb to the door on the pinnacle but the breath taking view of the ground you left behind.

Motivation as a double edged sword

Minor successes speaking on behalf of your capability to do it, “You’re able”

And a long journey ahead to remind you there’s work to be done

 With conviction and not premature celebration

Do not let the pain zoom in and focus on the impossible load to be carried.

But let endurance reign over any spirit of giving up.

It takes a loser to win if the looser doesn’t lose heart.

One brick at a time, so was an empire built.

We are all freaks Sometimes

The thread that weaves definition of our identity

Is born of restraint and modification to our very nature

The chains that keep at bay the beast’s inside

All for the sake of progress and order

I hear for the sake of fun we ought to let loose sometimes

Indulge ourselves a little

But the thirst of this very nature increases with every sip

Oh my God, I feel like a vampire

Battling sustenance and moral decency

I guess I have to master keeping the balance


I tripped into Love of beguiling hums like coordinates

Tranquil musical harmony of two people becoming one

Hertz of our attributes falling in place like lock and key

Fell from a realm the angel I see in the mirror of my eyes

Unlike different perspectives textiled of the same words

But not getting the gist of the rest of it like foreign languages

2nd Chances


We live in a world where mistakes define us

The break in fluency of credibility and trust

What a perfect species we must be

Yet we all make mistakes

Doomed are we who fail on the spotlight

Like a bean’s life from sprout to leaves

Anything else other than fruit is death

Condemnation jeezing out of our lips, we spit

As if there’s none who tried again and proved us wrong

2nd chances like a phoenix’s rebirth

They say it’s all fantasy

Yet he who is without mistake since birth

Is not flesh in this world

Designing to keep each other down

So as to feel higher in relation

Yet 3m high is 3m high

No matter I am 2m high or 6m high

But if I were at six, you’d be at five and coming higher

Because my hand knows gratitude.


I am just a greedy man
I hope you realize that
I want what I don’t want
I realize you aren’t for me
But I can’t resist giving you hope
Your attention
You intention
Warms my heart
Makes me want to keep
But the maintenance
And handle of this
You can’t
I am just too much to bear for you
But when I look at you
I’m too drawn to just let you pass

The Picture I Belong in

Travel great many places
Torn a shoulder taking many selfies
But the color would not blend
Like I am PhotoShoped in the picture
Do you see energy?
It’s invisible but it the one in control of the marker
Yes or no
Nice picture or nice background?
Bad picture or bad background
Where do I belong?
Where do I long?
To be
The world has become a stormy sea
Tossed out and about
Do you still know where you’re going?
Or where you want to be?
Is that your desire or his?
Your desire or theirs?
We can’t possibly all want the same thing
Same skin color
Same body weight
Which picture do you belong in?
Or are you also swept away
Without any clue of who you are
But just immersed into a new identity
One of the environment
The picture I belong in
She is my anchor
No matter what wave
What location
As long as I have hers
My direction is set
The rest
We figure out together
That’s the picture I belong in


Do not mess up in the first place

Because all you can do after that

Is trying to make up, to clean up

Your own mess and is never enough

Or embrace and become as the mess

Which you will resent yourself for

For proving them right

The only two options you have got 

S w i t c h

Happiness and love is a switch

It’s a mirror

If you ever lose it

By the entirety of its magnitude

You will feel it

The degree of joy you had

Becomes to that extent,

The degree of pain

No wonder why people are scared to love

Love hundred percent

Suffer a hundred too

You will not survive

In my time of Dying

Songs of autumn plucked me from my branch

Floating in the wind and easing into gravity

Had been cut off from moisture and slowly drying

I was dying but at least for now flying

Landed on a peculiar treadmill as I walked on water

Surfing the tide of a river on a warm sunny day

Mesmerized by beauty underneath and a rush of breeze on my ears

Glimpse star sights of golden sand tarring surfaces of the world below

Gazing through the sparkly windows of clear water

And gasping for air in thrill from an augmenting treading speed

Mavericks of life were on a push back as I stared into the ibis

The sight of the impending waterfall had dawned on me

Was baptized by gulps in a harsh drowning

Under immense forces I was powerless to

Pummelled again and again till I was rendered unconscious

Nevertheless I still blobbed up the other side in a calm flow

Happy a second and glum the next as realizations flooded in

An irrevocable sentence of impossibility in ever being on a tree

My life was over it was a terminal diagnosis

And I waited to peacefully pass afraid of the next world

In my time of dying, I lived the life of a leaf.

Do you wish to be heard?

When  your voice is not loud enough to get heard

STF up and speak in tangibles

because words are volatile

and only cool temps touch the liquid

Can’t attest to the art of proof in gas’s existence

When selective deafness strikes

Screaming to the top of your lungs will only burst your larynx out

But material will testify on your behalf


Like dust in a  breeze

Grains of sand in a flowing river

They slipped past my fingers

Only my sight can reach them now

Call in my heart a wave of byes

A beauty which trigger memories

Reminiscing of our happier times

And a familiar feeling of what you meant.


Mosquito trapped in the blanket

A question recurred in pokes

Why you relate niceness to sex

And block all sweetness in transit

They want you nice after sex

And a punisher prior the encounter

But the bad boy on true colours

Ruin your self-worth mountains

Why you judge the books by covers

I don’t know why

Better a bad boy who gets you there

But that’s a lie

Doesn’t a 3 second punisher exist?

So why can’t a ruthless sweet?

Puzzled by some misconceptions

For existing in duality.

A romantic man who writes poetry

I know what they think me

You couldn’t be more terribly wrong

Why does it have to be a choice?

Satisfaction or maddening love

Why you think you can’t get both

I don’t know why.

Cards of Loyalty

Beautiful things exist at every corner

I learnt to take time and appreciate

But announce where my loyalties reside

I wouldn’t try crimes and depreciate

But pronounce royalties on my bed-side

Cautious Hearts

Reservations of a cautious heart

Are my golden likes she can’t say

 Faint manifestations of past hurt

In squirming Mic’s of tantalizing play

Uttering whispers of  voiceless notes

Captured by lessons of trust in fray

She says I am her definition of brilliant

But the words can’t reach my ears

Invisible Remarks

Your surround reverb vibration of invisible remarks

Reinforce esteems with unspoken compliments

That reflect a value you hold in the hearts of others

And a flint of gratitude that manifest in smiles never ceases to appear

It replies kind words warm to the ear:

 It says “thank you, I am there with you in heart too”.

Feathery Charm

She  has a Feathery charm of a Tongue

 that Tickles my Heart with Grazes

Of the most Humorous wiles.

She has a Feathery  charm of a Tongue

that Tingles my Spot with Passes

of the most Prowess skills.

She has a Feathery charm of a Tongue

that Mingles my Mind with Chaos

from the most Lustrous smiles.

She is Lust, Love and Mind sweeper.



Curses that come wrapped up like presents

Are messes that clutter my peaceful abode

Greedy behaviour for shiny things I resent

Of glitters I went after but inside was no gold


In classes of wisdom, my head was absent

Gorilla chest beat signalling in game accord

A master:

But  without a single trait nameable decent

Naively incinerated a heart I couldn’t afford


The ghost of mystical low was my presence

Goose bumps of some lost superiority folds

I had abandoned Himalayas  in my descent

But in my speedy ascent I rode a cautious ford


Careful of what I took pride in,

all the way,

Because the best of the low is lowest.

Call it a rebirth.

M I N D – T R A P


Habitual prosecutor of daily troubles

Invisible cuffs trap me like a snare

Torments that manifest in doubles

Dear waves serene my thoughts of despair

Ride the tide in laminar like  pebbles

Frozen Hearts

Prickly world of thorny matter

We learnt the hard way

Ways of the world

 Calculation in the name of protection

But more cold will never

Unfreeze a frozen heart.

A little warmth is never a cost,

But an investment.


Diamonds in the Rough

I was a flop

Your link to me pulled down

Why didn’t you carry me?

I am better now

Their link to me they fly also

I lift them up

Why couldn’t you stick around?


What a world I live in,

 criss crossed like poetry wordplay,

 the ones with interesting lives

 desire the normal ways

 and the ones with the normal

were bored out of their minds,

desperate for an interesting one.

Greedy much or covetous much?

Who is next to you?

Everyone in your life is there for a reason;

They have a purpose

Some are to lift you up,

 some to push you up.

some are to neutralize you,

 some to push you down,

and some are to pull you down

Classify who you get in contact with regularly,

 It is healthy,

It clears your eyes from the mirage of falsehood.

Helps you manage your precious resources

Ones you freely invest and donate, such as time.



Appreciations in form of a floor sweeping jaw

Coupled with splatters of involuntary drips

Of saliva escaping a jugular trapped in awe

From bliss nudity of half-built elliptical hips


Bulky gelatine wobbled in mesmeric tides

Of fleshy waves that gyrated back and forth

Brawny arms opened the gates of fleshy size

Hospitality of my hands said “hie” in touch


Tender a prompt that taunted me to spin

Favourite use spun rowdily in context

Talk of a tender heart versus a tender body

He connects with hands, she does with heart

Who should I write to? And write about what?


An eye fisher of  wobbly and tender thighs

With passionate lures of a mesmeric sights

Or  romantic feelings and heart- fuelled  plights

The experiences of tear and mend, rip and saw

Enticing  peruses of tender bodies in caress

Enchanting pursues of tender hearts in care


Hadn’t  found my perfect match yet

Her soul sang lullabies to my second eye

Eased the pain and misunderstanding endured

Her cushy warm body talked to my neurons

With sweet echoes of indescribable enchantments


She challenged the duality of such worlds

 In my life she split the veil

And synched to the top of both worlds

And I was forever satiated


I was a man of beastly nature with ravenous lust

But blessed with big tender heart.

I finally decided to hand you over the remote.

Did You?

Do you love me?

Did you make me happy?

 Or was I happy when I was with you?

Did I just ate the figments of my Imagination?

Just because it was a plausible reality

I guess the lines get blurry

Did I fall in love alone?

Only our hearts know the truth.

Love At First Sight

Searchlights beamed in an utter darkness

with a sheer blinding illumination

that tore some hazel retinas in splinters

and exploded our pupils

 but with carnal lust

 and some intense attraction pull.


Lavender lipstick girl fished my eyes


She torched my heart in reciprocation

with mirrored endearing glances

that spoke in a flirtatious banter

 of shared hysteric smiles

 that said : “yes,

I am thinking about it too”.



August Writing Prompts


The Bait I Bit

I often host a prime guest of blame

A ghost that strangles my credibility

In masks that stench drops of shame

Blend crime my strides in maturity


My gild saunters so ahead of my time

When my age take part in stupid things

In the name of cool I don’t partake in

Instantly cram label me a stupid beings


Pan faces never flapped much words in

Heard in a gush volume  in white noise

But the cram of curiosity finally crept in

Poised on my door with a seductive pose


I bit the baiting luscious fruit of juice

Eventually listened and did like them

Rolled my windows in a skidding hoot

And back stepped a couple of notches


But the late bloomers were finally ripe

Reflections of maturity on a rear view

I was right earlier on!

Was I trailing? Saw me stupid again.

But this time I was!

The Missing Piece

You massage my heart

With magically kneading hands

And masseuse prowess.

Your feminine wiles,

Your eyes,

And identity

Mirror my soul

Your voice,

Speaks to my heart

With echoes of notes

That tumble in air

And weave

Intangible material

That fill the gaps in my heart.

You complete me.

Ponder and Mystery

Deeds that speak tongues of care

Tumbled echoes of heartfelt notes

 Reciprocation may fill the void inside

But a stampede on the offered hand

Horse-watered the garden of fiery love

To a dry  lifeless a desert of bitterness

Now a cold blackened heart ponders

The mystery of the worlds intentions

Is  it  to  break  every  good  thing?

Wont conform to norm like a phoenix

But I will rise from the ashes

To flesh and blood moulded in fire

My heart will never die!


I had to shuffle things around

and get in impeccable order

this scattered rowdy clutter

Starting with efforts to get new wardrobe

But the swish wasn’t in the clobber

I hadn’t noticed how crystally noticeable

Was  this protruding rubble.

I had to get myself together

Swirl that Threatens

My life road an irregular narrow weir,

except that it was under a water surface.

Reason to or guess to,

next step at the risk of going under.


 Habits of staying stagnant,

one score,

At least breathing is still a verb of mine

 But awful at the same time.


 Just a little more courage to get it over with

but one miss step

would entail a sorrowful fatality.

And like dominos I would spiral down

a rabid hole

Of that convoluted twisted shit again.

Soul Mate

Deeper attractions go  beyond carnal appeal 

tingle my soul in vibrate alert

Analogous metered hand swept a degree

to tick a plank “viable soul-mate”


A voluptuous and spirited girl put to shame

The thesaurus list of adjectives

That even fathomed any effort to describe

her excessive kind of attractive.


She was exalted with a radiant angelic face

With an idyllic heavenly smile

Natures very own rainbow of  magnetic drizzles

Reflecting her calling soul


A sole sight my eyes craved to linger upon

She was good for the eyes.

Suspended my expressions that love is addiction

A sight for my sore eyes


Because of looming need for a genuine glimpse

Of a secure future

Because I couldn’t possibly imagine any hell worse

Than withdrawal from her.


But I couldn’t care less, I tumbled  for an emotional suicide

Because ain’t no advice

such as,

“Don’t live you may die”.

Choose !!!

Perspective is everything

The handcuff and the key,

Are you bound                               

Or are you free?

The context you take,

 It can either work for you

Or against you

Which do you choose?

The way of seeing things

Is never one

Find a better navigator.

Or a worse one

That’s free will

Pain or pleasure?

The choice is yours.


Boomerang lovers of words lost in the mail

Fumed of percussive rage  like snorting bulls

Ready to charge from  either side of the veil

Pawed the timid ground, but paused in mull


Pondering ramifications of impending wails,

From an eternity of ravenous hearts half-full

Imagining a world of violent thunderous hail

Paloma of magnetic hearts that blinked in pull


Buried the hatchet to celebrate the love grail

Submitted to the pan constitution of heart rule

Missed a horrid tour through the cells out on bail

And commemorated in lively carnal proclivities