Work in the Dark is Joyous with Eyez on the Prize

Don’t we live for moments that smile our cries away?

Bruise away my cheek upon the cold steel,

To the night owls and crackling fire

I await the day of scattered limbs and blood rain,

Triumphant cheers and crowd roars

When sire, the mad poet of the crimson quill,

mows through hordes like blades of grass

Only on the battlefield is the honor of the soapstone bestowed

When witness is there to behold the work of his years.

All of a sudden, I can embrace thorns. My tears feel righteous. And I smile from the future.

Suns and Flowers make Honey

My eye knows no boundaries, they chase and search after you

Your form, your skin, soft as flowers

If women came with petals, I must be a bee

Undress, I was created to gaze,

Sniff, touch.


Unburden me, cloth is heavy upon my flesh

Wear me air, wear me sun, wear me eyes,

If not your skin upon mine

Your fragrant,

I take deep within me

So it may never make it out

Buzz me in,

The sun is nigh, open wide

Allow me to watch as you bloom

First Times

Were we resonating and getting closer?
And my heart goes off like a hand grenade
And suddenly every pound is like,
a sledgehammer within the walls of me.

Then comes the chemicals rushing in,
the hormones of me,
Did flood my system
And the whole shebang was like nitrous injection
to this already crumbling machine.

And whatever i am contending with,
Got on steroids.
And we talked
but I try to keep hold of the earthquake
occurring within me.

Tapered Waters of Love

A shining dimension, she caught my eye

I wanted to describe her and yet, I saw a mysterious black circle

I took a step further, but I saw nothing still.

And again,


Tips of my fingers grazing my hopes for a peek.

I have felt this way before, flash of a fist touching my eye.

Is this what it means to get too close?

Stolen by gravity from within my feet and plummet with a blurry vision of an asteroid.

Who knew?

A human being,

But she was a sinkhole who snuck me in falls into her deep, till I splashed in the tapered Waters of love.


Your shining beauty, but I understand

it now

Like a big gush of light stealing a lane

beyond a curve.

Caught me in my feet like roadkill

I found myself speechless, lost in your


I guess eyes were never designed to

look into a spotlight.

We do not have eyes

we do not have eyes
we hold with our hands
we do not see the wave of our hearts
they float and swerve in glistening lights
my hands, you do not see, i feel
unknown arts of mystical energy
did touch my heart
like bright incandescent glow when it goes on
but all you saw was a smile




We do not have eyes is a tale of a behind the curtains dimension, when you peel the drapey flesh off and see the magical interaction we have with each other.  How we touch and glow… a caress that any flesh just wont do,  a stroke and a pat all the way into each others feelings. Like a language of the hearts and a dance of sorts. Talking to her, till she smiled and did the same for me, but I saw color. I moved and I touched and she glowed.
We are beyond what we see, we are, beautiful creatures.







Who am I gonna Love

tell me who am i gonna love?

if going through all this to get you is gonna make me lose respect of myself

if all this to get you to love me but get to hate myself instead

tell me who am i gonna love if when faced with reality…you are not the girl i imagined about?

tell me who you are, so i do not break, when the wind wipes off the dust

we are who we are but,

do not let me walk through the doors if there is no elevator waiting for me

the only problem is going into it with one eye open

am i scared to take a leap?

is this the reason we close eyes when kiss

is this what i am in for

i think, i suffer, from loving too much

who do i love? is it you or a figment of my imagination

do not let me hold on to the ghost of…that’s gonna disappear once we close the curtains

if i should know who you are and discover you are all the same

what i despise and what i love the most

must i walk this road all alone?

because you can’t be the one a guy is supposed to die for

at arms length is for people like you

but ice is cold and a river flows

ain’t no greater punishment than being denied a right to be you

I’m a lover, let me love.

Guy Code and The Con of Love

Boasts with bottles, cheers for the blessings of insight

Shan’t close my eyes no more

I drank from the elixir of the garden of Eden

No fools, “victim” smells like breasts now

Revelations of deep truths that Trickle me to full tank with vanity

Love and Power, tie them like a goat to a tree

But breaks my heart to break a heart

Misery, it bangs back, and bang my head like a bass drum

I Call it the new marrow.


Misery, I call it the new marrow

Desert a desert, I yearn for the heartbeat of happiness

But my hand shakes with hesitation to trust you with my password

Seduction that plays me like a violin

Key-codes to notes that vice open the rooms of my heart

Elaborate responses to what I am programmed to like

My type, My addictions…It’s the ability to make me feel

The blind and the … mistakenly call it love

A willing fool, I am, the fold I’d take.

What does it matter when I can spread it like butter?

Happiness, touch it like we’re encore.

Modern Dating

I breathe and share, the moist air, of a shallower age

Where I rub shoulders with, people who aren’t enough anymore

What did we do, then? Date more and more of them, at the same time.

Martha, Mandy and Veronica, All to fill the place of one.

He wanted the care of a mother, love of a good-girl and a whore in the bedroom

But despised the controlling of a mother, boredom of a good-girl and foulness of the promiscuous one

So he switched them like channels on a remote.

And she wanted a good man, but the good man don’t f**k like dark eyed Dave she met that night at club Verdant

Ghosts of past flames stalk her, because whoever he is , he is not as good as the past one, at something.

What did she do? You tell me, I’m not a liar. 

Manifestations of trading on the edge of “fade up”

When you see me, don’t ask me why

I am so pregnant with the pain

of taking courage for a Job.

We were born tranquil lovers on the moon

who surf on the tide of peace

And this fight,

in taking the bitter hand of life,

has taken us to the very edge.


Part of me

Met an unfair therapeutic glitch of letting go
But I’m an anchored made man with foundations of trauma
Just nursing wounds with hugs of pain
Grown to the taste of my sips on a bitter cup of the word me
My scars of a certain magnitude are hosts of malevolent demons
Just another bereavement of a justified mess
The rewarding high of self destruction that looks like noble self-punishment

Trickles of light into the jar of my life

Darkness to the blind is a light
In a dark room,
opening of my eyes was illumination.
And likewise fighting,
like jabs in the wind
Till I slept like a spooked horse
under the cardiac massage of fear
whispering rude comments
on the inefficient endeavors
of a mad man, to stab the the dark.
learnt; darkness breeds darkness
So I stared into the light till i became light and darkness faded away


Kisses of heaven are delirious mind benders

And I cant help but snort till I am intoxicated with blind passion.

This love is a high with no low

Sipped into my veins with a viral kind of bliss till normal was an existence I gradually grew allergic to.

One roomed heart, a song of nuclear love

Was I a work of art?

in the potter’s hands,

sang a song of nuclear love

His fingers

Bled all over my canvas


A one roomed heart

was a beautiful detail

Caught a fly

Apple of my eye

But love of a spotlight

Is a lost puppy on the heel of a star


Gluttonous for light,

Like a magnifying glass.

But had only one eye,


I set her on fire.



Mountains of gold don’t throw shade at an Excavator

She sees me in one dim light
and I have little to none in pride
 so eat away my dignity
in my efforts to pause her usual shades
 that test and mark men
on a shallow founded basis.

my beautiful is not the same

Beautiful you are, We all see beautiful

They say you are beautiful

Shiny you are, diamond in a sea

A trophy to add on, in their collection 

Well, you aren’t the most beautiful

But you are the most beautiful

For what good is a most rated PC, 

To a computer illiterate granny?

My eyes do smile but my mind jitters with ecstatic grins 

They don’t see what I see, I see you!!!

A girl with no name

ground shattering beauty, I get lost in all your quacks

the ground disappears, my mind boggled 

gravity snatches my heels and I find myself falling.

A meteorite I am as I ignite crimson flames, crushing into your planet





Solace in the Bosom of bad Habits

My suicide was a mercy killing of bad solace habits

Gasoline water that quenched the flames kissing my feet.

Snipped my sensory ends and put me at peace

Too numb to feel, Too blind to see, I found heaven in hell

Meanwhile, like a cheap whore, liquid fire we call my life, had its way with me

My skin melted, my flesh tattered like a ragged moping cloth n’ my body fell off

Im just but a severed head of blissful consciousness that bear witness to my sorry existence


I am hypnotized by the gleam on the forehead of my mentor.

The brilliance that never ceases to set an end of baffling me

as my insight into his towering figure draws deeper.

 In amazement, leaping joy and applause, I pick my jaw from the floor.



I want to tell you why

But every word anchors a pathway

A web I can’t possibly talk in linear time

Because my sentences are radiant branch-outs of a flood of words that sum up the picture I want you to understand.

Half a loaf better than nothing? All or nothing?

It’s a cruel joke

Revelations of deep truths in part

Realizing you can fly

But left to find out how, midway in air

Am I better off?

Aimless, disgruntled and grounded

Agony of a furnace to greatness

The Forgotten Side

The sound of cheer warms the heart with want
Glory so dreamy and hypnotic like an enchantress portion
In tickles of applause wash my brain in ambition
And delude myself absent thought of the blood spent

A kiss of grandeur is a blindfold on the ignorant
Alongside the great, blow a wish, Genie paint mine reflection
And stain my cloak with honor and adoration
Like Master David towering over the corpse of a fallen giant

Envy really is a lovechild of lack and want
Peace baby: “So easy” and stare through the cost of glory in omission
Envious of the the greatest of glories in oblivion
And forget, the mightiest of Victorians lived a time of war


She had kisses with a beautiful stain like sweet mangoes

With a lingering and 

a penetrating tang.

Stayed a while on my tongue

And ruined anything after her.

Only because everything fell short in comparison.

Even tasteless water felt sour.


The Truth behind Art

they say being an artist requires you to draw from your emotions

But what they dont tell you is that the sip of that cup is drawn from the sea

The more you do it, the greater your thirst becomes

But it cant be healthy drawing from an adverse one

If you are depressed! know how it goes


 Life is a journey celebrated in tears upon completion

Weird dark love to forget the wonderful achievement on a celebration

Clouded by selfish cries of how they’re going to get by without you when the ceremony is not about them.

“We’re going to miss you,” they say and add on,” no one like you”.

But the actions saying, “wonderful Papi, we have the deepest affection for you that overwhelms any logical instinct to celebrate”.

“We do in heart”.


Life is journey with one destination. Those who realize it ease the pedal and savor every moment.

We all rush in paradox to a month end and then squeak, “Dear Reaper: Dad isn’t home, the rent due, can we postpone to next week?”

In full length he completed a hollow life craving immortality for a name remembered by strangers but meaningless to his close ones.

They said success is the greatest thing.

In half-revelation to a wise ass about the inevitable death trap looming on the windshield, he tried to press pause and counted his losses in pipe and pussy.

Another realized life is a rigged game of a forever climbing journey. Only joy is whatever relative level you get to reach.

But sooner or later the power is going to run out before the satisfaction of game completion.

Some realized and decided not to play. On a noose they hung from a chandelier

Life is an infinite game and life is an infinite journey.

The only meaningful use is one of vast quality well savored with loved ones.

Get your Goal

Growing is a steep slope but you rise one meter every three steps.

Progress is paid for in seemingly unending sweat and pain but you get to be better with every tick of the clock

It’s not the infinite climb to the door on the pinnacle but the breath taking view of the ground you left behind.

Motivation as a double edged sword

Minor successes speaking on behalf of your capability to do it, “You’re able”

And a long journey ahead to remind you there’s work to be done

 With conviction and not premature celebration

Do not let the pain zoom in and focus on the impossible load to be carried.

But let endurance reign over any spirit of giving up.

It takes a loser to win if the looser doesn’t lose heart.

One brick at a time, so was an empire built.

We are all freaks Sometimes

The thread that weaves definition of our identity

Is born of restraint and modification to our very nature

The chains that keep at bay the beast’s inside

All for the sake of progress and order

I hear for the sake of fun we ought to let loose sometimes

Indulge ourselves a little

But the thirst of this very nature increases with every sip

Oh my God, I feel like a vampire

Battling sustenance and moral decency

I guess I have to master keeping the balance


I tripped into Love of beguiling hums like coordinates

Tranquil musical harmony of two people becoming one

Hertz of our attributes falling in place like lock and key

Fell from a realm the angel I see in the mirror of my eyes

Unlike different perspectives textiled of the same words

But not getting the gist of the rest of it like foreign languages

2nd Chances


We live in a world where mistakes define us

The break in fluency of credibility and trust

What a perfect species we must be

Yet we all make mistakes

Doomed are we who fail on the spotlight

Like a bean’s life from sprout to leaves

Anything else other than fruit is death

Condemnation jeezing out of our lips, we spit

As if there’s none who tried again and proved us wrong

2nd chances like a phoenix’s rebirth

They say it’s all fantasy

Yet he who is without mistake since birth

Is not flesh in this world

Designing to keep each other down

So as to feel higher in relation

Yet 3m high is 3m high

No matter I am 2m high or 6m high

But if I were at six, you’d be at five and coming higher

Because my hand knows gratitude.


I am just a greedy man
I hope you realize that
I want what I don’t want
I realize you aren’t for me
But I can’t resist giving you hope
Your attention
You intention
Warms my heart
Makes me want to keep
But the maintenance
And handle of this
You can’t
I am just too much to bear for you
But when I look at you
I’m too drawn to just let you pass

The Picture I Belong in

Travel great many places
Torn a shoulder taking many selfies
But the color would not blend
Like I am PhotoShoped in the picture
Do you see energy?
It’s invisible but it the one in control of the marker
Yes or no
Nice picture or nice background?
Bad picture or bad background
Where do I belong?
Where do I long?
To be
The world has become a stormy sea
Tossed out and about
Do you still know where you’re going?
Or where you want to be?
Is that your desire or his?
Your desire or theirs?
We can’t possibly all want the same thing
Same skin color
Same body weight
Which picture do you belong in?
Or are you also swept away
Without any clue of who you are
But just immersed into a new identity
One of the environment
The picture I belong in
She is my anchor
No matter what wave
What location
As long as I have hers
My direction is set
The rest
We figure out together
That’s the picture I belong in


Do not mess up in the first place

Because all you can do after that

Is trying to make up, to clean up

Your own mess and is never enough

Or embrace and become as the mess

Which you will resent yourself for

For proving them right

The only two options you have got 

S w i t c h

Happiness and love is a switch

It’s a mirror

If you ever lose it

By the entirety of its magnitude

You will feel it

The degree of joy you had

Becomes to that extent,

The degree of pain

No wonder why people are scared to love

Love hundred percent

Suffer a hundred too

You will not survive