“Sleepless Night”-Pursuit of Money


Sleepless nights intertwined with a Working hand, 

I’m chasing;

Big buckets of blood.


Grafting veins that keep on Giving.

The network construct that optimizes Flow,

A System Circulatory that emphasises Grow.


I’m here at college, Weaving reeds of courses with no End

I’m chasing:

Deep pockets of Money

Making baskets that keep on Collecting.

To set by the Eaves and Gutters

When it rains, I might win a Lottery


It’s Money,

It circulates,

A system Powered of organs

A system Pumped by Trade

Trade the Art of Transaction

Trade the Heart of Money




An art of belief,

Currency made of useless Paper,

With value embedded in a vast network of Minds.

A soul born of belief.

It’s the one fuelling my zeal today,

A faulty switch on my eyelids, I can’t turn off.

I’m having a sleepless night today.



Feeding my money-making Wolf.

       Make Money, Can’t Create Money.

Owned existing Money,

That’s where you get it.

Trade it.

But Impatience demanding;

It’s a now Matter! Urged to pump Faster,

Accumulate Latter. Can I do It Faster?



Taking it, is one way t do it.

But I heard Rumours,

Doing the Job, They got shot.

Or robbed extra,

A couple of dollars and some lives.

Took away precious Loved ones.

I  heard nature took vengeance,

Peace flew away and Disintegration took place,

Nature of a rotting conscience.

Sold their souls and Lost their selves.


        No blood  money, I won’t take it.

I have blood money,

Destiny written on God’s palm.

I’ll make money.

Some get it by “second” jobs,

Getting on their knees for those who have it,

If not begging, I bet sucking.

Metaphor or not,

My dignity is not for sell.

Principle not Pride.



Between my Dreams and Reality,

I step with caution.

Terminate fantasy of Enhanced Ability,

No room for that option.

Looking at the past, I have answers now,

Progression of physical capability isn’t, wow!

No room for unfixable Regrets.

Time travel doesn’t exist in forever

Looking at the present,

None from the forever future set foot in my time.


Only superpower in my reach is getting rich.

But I’m on fire, My head Exploding,

This Studying is giving me Aneurisms

Intense Migraine pain too Deterring.

Pushing me to Reconsider hard Labour,

As if I won’t mind doing the Digging

And in Ideas of Artwork, talent Digging

Clearly I’m Reaching

but with something of Passion,

It’s worth my time.

It is a theraputic Obsession.

It is a Sleepless night, Today.




Dawn- “Fighting Demise”

I Earned a Superpower

I Dreamt of Soaring

Above Plants and Flowers

My Dreams of Flying

Literally In Success

Instead I’m Fading

Floating Deep in Oneness

Fantasy Mr Invincible

Becomes Worldly Invisible


Neat trick! Shackled me Demons

Now I’m more bitter than Lemons

Some Demons Are Symbiosis

Some Return Lag, he got Pussy

Demanded a Lot but gave a Little

At least he got to be a Beatle


Ain’t no Room for this one of mine

Steal a lot and Rob me again

The Devil on my Collar Bone

Oh no! It’s doing it again


What the Heck!

Claws Crawl up my Neck

It Clamped

Engulfed my Life in its Hands

I Defied

Intuition Resolving to Mend

The Grip Tightening

My Mind Deafening

The host,

I’m Suffocating


About to Exorcise this

This Exercise this

Pain that doesn’t Gain

Renting free Indulged craves

Behavioral issues digging my grave


The wave on my Face, it’s a Breeze

Of the air I still want to Breathe

Please shortsights get out of my Head

Problem preservation is about to End

Termination of Reign of solutions to Problems

That birth even more Tenacious Problems

It is a new Kingdom and Holy is its name.



Passion really is Priceless

An Anesthetic to Endure this pain we call Life

Shielding you from this Torment

You Overlooked the Pain

Eluded the Negatives about life

Turned Challenges to Breathing

You have no Idea how much You went Through

You Missed the Torture

You were Focused and Dedicated

The Effort didn’t Drain your Energy

Neither did the Lack of Progress

Or the Insufficiency of the Rewards

You were Protected for Real

Its Crucial and Essential

The Blinders that Filter the Negative

And makes Life Bearable

Don’t ever Lose it


Fake it Not!!!

They say Fake it till you Make it,

A Deception of Perception,

 But in the Next step Lies Inevitability

In Fulfillment Paucity,

 I Concurred Not,

Instead Advocated for fake it, if you can feel it,

A barrister for Sane Thought.

Because no Matter how Gigantic you get on the Outside,

 There’s Inevitability in the Rise of the Small one Inside.

The Small one inside, your Life’s First class Chauffeur,

 A Crash is pending, And Sooner rather than Later.


A Seer for Realness, I advocated for Truth be told.

Ambassador of Confrontation since Birth,

I figured Feelings are Secondary to the Truth.

Problems should be Identified, Pulled out Root and Stem

Or Embraced and Face Acceptance,

 Of those that Pose Eternal Obstinacy


But that which I Witness today is giving me “Jitters”

People who Wear lots of Make-up and post “No Filters”

But look like in a League trying to kill Batman, “Jokers”

On Ultra 4K filters, the Popularity “Hitlers”


Watching them Killing their selves, My skin Crawls

Witnessed the Torch of Perfectly Fine Natural Curls

Witnessed free People in Torture, on Treadmills

Alienating to Petite bodies of Massive Curves

Marketing Their selves to Common Guys of loose Morals

Even got to Witness the Starvation of the Haves,

Ignoring food and As a Hungry man, I lost my Nerves.


And those who can’t Handle it, also Follow suit in their Steps

Wearing Skin-Suits and Personalities that are not Theirs

Don’t you know; your Imperfections is your Uniqueness?

Even the Kendrick Lamars Prefers them Stretch marks


That Fake is a Deadly Poison, the Belladona.

Dragging Perceptions of False Reality,

With Desires put on a Pedestal.

But Knowing truth Disclosure is Lying in your Path.

He was really Disappointed,

He left in the Bream of the Night.

That Which once Watered the Mouth,

Gone sour, Now a Trigger sight for Hurling,

The Bar is so High,

You could never reach.


Inventions of mark schemes, 

That put you in fight scenes.

But how Dumb of you to Invent Unattainable Standards

that measure against you.

You remind me of Haman the Gallow-maker,

Executed on his Creation by the Hanger


Ugliness at its Best in these; my Photos,

Captured to the Moment, I Laugh to my ears,

I guess that Photoshop isn’t going to work either.

But as far as Atractiveness goes,

I’m just not dumb enough to,

Suppress Happiness for a Pretty Cover.


Pretty of the day, Pretty wrapping

 I’m just not another Brick in the wall of that Perception.

They say Beauty is in the eye f the Beholder,

 I concur, 

Nothing ever really is or is not,

 but a choice of perception,

 or an Influenced one,

 I guess I couldn’t let them Decide for me.

Pespective is a Hand-Cuff and a Key,

Are you Bound or Are you Free?