Real Friends!

via Daily Prompt: Assumption


Assumptions can Dangerous,
How I learned it the Hard way.
Distinguishing between,
Friends and Acquaintances,
Colleagues and Associates,
And others in the Vicinity of my close Circles.
In the spirit of Laughing together,
These Lines may get Blurry.
Sacrificed in Assumption,
That the Love was Reciprocated.
Inevitably the Turns got Reversed.
To a Shocking Surprise,
My dear friends weren’t so Keen,
On Returning the Favor.
The one I had been Granting.
Then I Understood in Depth,
Lessons written in Blood.
The Good founded on the Bad.
Assumed they had my Back,
Couldn’t be more Wrong.
Apparently, the other side of the Table,
Wasn’t so Convenient for them to Entertain.
I Gave what I also Needed,
Figured their Win is our Win.
Damn it, Assumptions!
They grant Favors when in Excess,
No real friends.
Real friends not Found,
In Aligning interests Times.
Real friends are Found,
In Conflicting interests Times.
Friends in the first Quarter,
Enemies in the Last.
My back only Covered,
Depending on Interests.
Mutual Affection don’t Count,
Nor do times of the Past.
Ironic wasn’t it?
The past times we Rhymed together,
“Chris Brown” on Volume,
These whores ain’t Loyal.
But the Evidence speaks Volumes,
He was one too.
Post a costly Assumption,I Realized:
True friends are those Not,
Only Willing to let Slide,
The Messed up Motions of the Goings.
But also Willing to let Slide,
Dealings of great Meaning to y’all,
In order for your other to Win.
If my Win is your Win, our Win
Safe to Assume you’re True Family.
To cut my Losses
Had to Purge the excess Baggage.
Assumed if God is gonna say no, no to Fakers
It was certainly not Wise to Welcome,
Them in the name of Godliness.
If God is gonna say no no, to Fakers,
I Prayed he Bless me with the same Wisdom.

Dawn- “Fighting Demise”

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